Brian Emory “You Don't Know Me”

Recorded and Filmed at Coyote Road Studios, Santa Barbara, CA.
Words & Music by Brian Emory. Produced by Sean McCue. Video by Nina McCue.

CURRAN “Little Black Submarines”

Video shot and edited by Nina McCue & Sean McCue.

Glen Phillips “Greer Zoller”

From the album "Coyote Sessions", with Alastair Greene, Tariqh Akoni, Jim Connolly, and Sean McCue at Coyote Road Studios in Santa Barbara. Recorded live through a single Cascade X-15 Stereo microphone. Video shot by Nina McCue.

Alastair Greene “Lucky 13”

From the album "Dream Train". Video shot by Nina McCue. Edited by Sean McCue & Alastair Greene.

Jazz Quartet “Lil' Darlin'”

Live stereo recording. One take. No overdubs. Video shot by Nina McCue.

Bad Astronaut "The Passenger"

From the album "Houston We Have a Drinking Problem"

Directed and edited by Sean McCue at Coyote Road Studios.

Cinematography, 3D Modeling, Rendering, Compositing, and Special Effects by Mark Thomas and Sean McCue.